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Vibration Plate FitnessVibration plates are increasingly gaining popularity just like other common exercise devices and machines designed especially for home use. They can offer a wide range of fitness benefits to people who use them on a regular basis.

They are great tools for helping with balancing and reducing ones weight, improving overall fitness and health plus other positive factors. This article highlights the important aspects of vibration plate fitness equipment.

What are vibration plates?

Vibration plates are exercise equipment used to boost one’s exercise routine. It focuses on the natural workings of the bodies muscles to enhance workout through vibrations. There are many exercises that can be done with vibration plates such as squats, pushups, thrusts and other related exercises.

Vibration plates have been more commonly used since the first experimental use in the Russian Space program during the cold war. Vladimir Nazarov, a renowned Russian scientist, used them to help provide astronauts with a perfect exercise technique while in space. These vibration plates helped to stimulate the muscles and hinder bone damage since they lead to muscle contraction that astronauts often lack when in space.

Nowadays, the vibration plate has become an effective way of training and exercising and are used in personal exercises, gyms, therapy and physical rehabilitation. The machines enhance muscle growth to aid patients in recovering muscle loss.

How do vibration plates work?

Vibration, or power plates are built into a machine unit. Users typically stand or sit on the plate and perform traditional exercises based on the body part/s to be worked out. Based on the machines settings, the plates offer varying rates or intensity of vibration.

The equipment works by helping the body muscles contract more times compared to when you are doing normal exercises. One’s posture on the plate determines the muscle that is worked on. However, a number of these machines offer an entire body workout.

The bodies muscles get “stretched” as the plate goes up or down on either side, and so when it drops, it stretches one muscle, or even more. The machine stretches the muscle a number of times per second depending on the intensity of what you set it to.

It is recommended that one should use a vibrating plate for only a set amount of minutes each day. You can choose to stand and allow the machine to do the exercise for you, or you could do exercises at the same time the plate is vibrating that will stretch your muscles more and can help prevent boredom setting in since just standing on the plate can become tiresome.

Why should you have your own vibrating plate machine?

• Saves Time: With different duties and tasks clamoring for your attention, it may be a bit difficult to get some free time to exercise. Vibration plates placed in one of the free rooms in your home may certainly be your answer. You can save a lot of time when you invest in this fitness equipment. The time you usually take while commuting to and from a fitness center may be devoted to regular vibrating exercise regimen without actually having to leave your home.

• Saves Money: Besides saving you some time, another benefit of buying personal vibrating plates relates to cost-effectiveness. When you own a vibrating plate fitness machine, you’ll save cash by not paying membership fees at a fitness center. The main difference existing between membership fees and the fee you pay for an exercise equipment will be worth your money eventually.

• Being with Family: Another notable benefit of having your own vibrating plate fitness equipment is the opportunity to spend more time with your family as compared to fitness centers. If you are able to do your exercises at home, then you will be able to interact with members of your family. The exercise time spent on this machine may also serve as your family exercise hour.

• Improves Health: If you make the most out of this fitness equipment, your overall health will significantly improve. Adhering to a regular exercise regimen will help you deal with stress, aid in weight loss, and enhance the working of the cardiovascular system. Having this equipment at home will help you stick to a regular exercise regimen.

To explore more on the options of what vibrating plates are available to buy for use at home and to get a better idea of what plates are best then we suggest checking out some vibration plate reviews here.

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